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One of the most interesting aspects of being a biologist is our attempts to decipher the complexity of the living world. Our abilities have immensely improved post the human genome project. The marriage between genomics and computer sciences has enabled us, biologists, to understand the living world like never before. It equipped us with an unprecedented arsenal of tools to study life and diseases at the single-nucleotide level.

I was trained as a biologist where I worked on fascinating subjects like stem cell fate, leukaemia, and immunology. Since my childhood, I enjoyed many advances in information technologies. I grew my passion for computer science and I gained expertise in designing and securing computer networks.

Over the last couple of years, I enjoyed doing next-generation sequencing experiments including RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, and promoter-capture HiC. What I appreciated even better was the ability to translate genomic data into biological knowledge using a wide variety of bioinformatics tools and platforms. It makes me feel that I am helping to make people’s lives better, and at the same time, I got a sense of fulfilment from working out the answer to a puzzle.